Intense Flavour,
Intoxicating Aroma

THC content alone is no longer enough to impress today's discerning cannabis consumer. Flavor and aroma are just as important. At Nymera, we specialize in providing extractors with uniquely flavored, THC and terpene rich whole flower. Our cannabis is fresh frozen and certified organic.

Our Process

Our process is designed from beginning to end to produce superior cannabis.

Unique Genetics

It all begins with strong, proven genetics from highly respected breeders.  Our strains have been specifically bred for outdoor farming as well as  high THC / high terpene expression by the highly respected Humboldt Seed Company.

Highly Experienced Growers

As the industry is slowly learning, growing quality cannabis is not easy.  Our master grower has decades of hands-on cannabis growing experience, along with the discipline and management skills needed to execute a large scale operation.  He works in conjunction with our agronomy and pest management team.

Living Soil

We grow in natural, bioactive soil which is free of synthetic chemicals and full of organisms that break down organic matter to make nutrients available for plants.  Living soil maximizes the genetic potential of any plant, and produces highly flavorful and aromatic cannabis.

Full Spectrum Sunlight

There is no better light source for growing cannabis than natural, full spectrum sunlight.  Sunlight allows for maximum terpene expression, which translates into powerful flavor profiles.

THC and Terpene Rich Whole Flower

Strong genetics, experienced growers, natural soil, and full spectrum sunlight is the perfect recipe for high THC and terpene-dense whole flower ready for extraction.

Certified Organic

Our cannabis is certified organic, meeting strict international organic certification standards.

Fresh Frozen

We freeze our cannabis biomass immediately after harvest in order to preserve the original terpene profiles and the original flavors and aromas.