Cannabis Seeds Frequently Asked Questions


What is Nymera's relationship with the Humboldt Seed Company?

Nymera has partnered with the world renowned Humboldt Seed Company to produce their ultra high quality cannabis seeds at the Nymera farm in British Columbia, Canada.  The seeds are produced using Humboldt Seed Company genetics and under the direct supervision of Humboldt Seed Company breeders and growers.  By producing these seeds on a fully licensed farm in Canada, we can sell into Canada and internationally.

Can I buy seeds directly from the Humboldt Seed Company?

If you are outside the United States, you cannot purchase seeds directly from the Humboldt Seed Company, as the US does not permit the export of cannabis products.  However, you can purchase select Humboldt Seed Company strains from Nymera.  Cannabis seeds can be exported from Canada to countries that have a legalized regime for medical cannabis, subject to the issuance of an export permit by Canadian authorities.

Who can purchase your seeds?

Nymera is permitted to sell cannabis seeds to (a) licensed producers in Canada (b) licensed producers in international countries where medical cannabis is legalized.  This is subject to approval of an export permit (c) select strains will also be available for purchase in retail packs of 5 seeds per pack at various licensed Canadian cannabis stores.  Please note: we are not permitted to sell directly to consumers.

Are all of the strains available at the Humboldt Seed Company also available from Nymera?

No, some strains are not available.  Each season, we grow a small number of strains for sale into the Canadian and international markets.  Please click here to see our current offerings.

How long will it take to receive my seeds?

Canadian orders can be processed and shipped quickly, within 7 to 10 days.  International orders can take 1 to 2 months or more to process, depending on the destination country.  The reason for this is that we require an import permit from the receiving country as well as an export permit from Canada.  The time required to obtain an import permit will vary from country to country.

What documents do you need to process my order?

For Canadian orders we will need (a) a copy of your cannabis license (b) a copy of your CRA license.  For international orders we will require (a) a copy of your license documents (b) an import permit.  These will presented to Canadian authorities, who will issue an export permit.  Please note that export of cannabis products, including seeds, is only permitted to countries that have a legalized regime for medical cannabis.  Export permits are issued on a case by case basis.

What is your price list?

Price List (by Total Order Size):

1-2k seeds      4.20$usd
2-5k.                3.40$usd
5-25k.              2.60$usd
25-85k.            2.20$usd
85-100k           1.90$usd
100k +.           Custom pricing

Do you have a minimum order size?

For Canadian orders the minimum order size is 1000 seeds.  For international orders, the minimum order size is 5000 seeds.

What makes these seeds better than others on the market?

Humboldt Seed Company genetics have been developed over 20 years by expert breeders who have taken great care in improving strain quality.   This has involved huge pheno hunting projects that have produced many notable strains such as Vanilla Frosting, Magic Melon, and Blueberry Muffin.   Our breeders have ensured that our feminized seeds are on average 99% or more female.  Nymera is proud to contribute to  Humboldt Seed Company's mission to expand access to the most consistent and high quality cannabis genetics.

Can you guarantee that I will achieve the THC percentages listed on your site?

Final THC percentages will depend on growing conditions, as well as the skill and experience of the grower.   As shown by numerous studies in California THC levels can vary by 50% even in clonally propagated varieties, depending on growing conditions and lab methodologies.