Experience &


Rick Gill, BSc Pharm

Rick is co-founder of Nymera and has been working with cannabis since 2016, including hands-on cultivation experience.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of British Columbia, and has owned and operated several large scale pharmacies and other businesses.  His background includes internet marketing and real estate investment.

Rick learned first hand how challenging it is to grow quality cannabis.  As a result, he saw a tremendous opportunity in pairing experienced growers with investors.  Nymera is the result of that pairing of experienced cultivators and intelligently placed investment capital.

Rick and the rest of the team are committed to bringing high quality cannabis biomass, genuinely flavorful extracts, and superior cannabis seeds to the Canadian and international markets.


Jeffrey Gebenus, BSc Pharm

Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of British Columbia. He has been involved in all aspects of the pharmacy business for over two decades and is part owner of a large independent pharmacy in Washington State that employs over 150 people. He brings over 20 years of business and management experience to Nymera, and has been instrumental in raising capital.

Accounts Manager

Geoffrey Natividad, PharmD

Geoffrey received his Doctor of Pharmacy from Albany college of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He brings over 15 years’ experience in real estate management and investment and has served as Chief Compliance Officer of a 150+ employee company. He has founded and chaired multiple investment groups. He has over ten years of experience in raising capital and has founded and chaired multiple investment groups, including a large group who invested in Nymera. He is also a part time professor at a medical college.

Head of Cultivation

Tyler Guerrieri, MSc Agriculture

Tyler began his career studying at the University of Manitoba, graduating with a M.Sc. in Agriculture. He brings two decades of experience in the agricultural industry, including four years as Master Grower at another facility. Tyler has developed a systems-based approach to producing high-quality high-terpene cannabis flower at scale and at a competitive price point.

Tyler also brings a decade of experience in the plant breeding industry to his role leading the feminized seed production branch of Nymera, building on world class genetics developed by the Humboldt Seed Company.


Ben Samuelson, MSc Horticulture

Ben strives to create agricultural systems that enhance ecological functioning.  In cannabis he has found a passionate community that shares this vision, reverent of soil and the myriad expressions of plant phenotypes.

Ben earned his M.S. in Horticulture researching soil microbial ecology in organic systems, then joined the Humboldt Seed Company to help produce true-to-type seed of hardy cannabis varietals that express show-stopping terpene profiles – whether grown in the backyard, closet, or commercial production systems of all kinds.

Ben is proud to work with Nymera, breeding fine Humboldt Seed Company genetics in real soil under the sun, moon, and stars.


Betsy Samuelson, BSc Environmental Studies

A decade long seed saving activist, Betsy is skilled in the art of seed cultivation. Upon completing her B.S. in Environmental Studies in 2009, the plant world beckoned. Betsy’s plant care expertise was honed over seven years as Production Manager of an organic farm and nursery. Betsy’s keen nose, developed in the wine industry, is essential for her role of selective breeding for terpene profiles.

Betsy has worked as a cannabis breeder with the highly respected Humboldt Seed Company. Her focus is providing seed integrity to grassroots cannabis growers through the licensed marketplace and she is honored to be collaborating with the Humboldt Seed Company and Nymera to do just that!

Operations Manager

Erik Hartson

Erik is a third generation cannabis cultivator, and has been working with cannabis for over 20 years across multiple different climates. Erik also has 2 decades of experiencing in farming and construction, and completed one of the first ever cannabis business certificates offered at Langara College in Vancouver. He brings a wealth of knowledge across multiple fields and a down to earth approach to operating our farm. He is also an avid breeder of hot peppers.